Wooden Camera RED Male LEMO to Female Pogo DSMC2 LCD/EVF Cable (12")

sku: 221400
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by Wooden Camera
R5,909.00 Inc.
The 12" RED Male LEMO to Female Pogo cable is designed to extend the range of your RED LCD/EVF from DSMC2 cameras. This handy cable can be used to connect your RED display to the WC Easy Top, RED LEMO Adapter A, or similar item. The male LEMO end connects to a standard RED 16-pin LEMO port, and the female pogo connector bolts to any pair of 1/4"-20–threaded holes. The underside of the female connector also has 1/4"-20 for mounting to WC Magic and Ultra arms. This cable is designed with a flexible, braided casing for easy positioning.

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