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Wooden Camera 1-Stage Clamp-On 138mm Round Zip Box (100-105mm)

SKU 242200
Use the 1-Stage Clamp-On 138mm Round Zip Box (100-105mm) from Wooden Camera to attach one filter to the front of your lens. The Zip Box clamps onto lenses with an external front diameter of up to 3.9-4.1". No need to worry about sandwiching a diopter into a standard matte box tray, this round sunshade/filter holder's tray-less design will fit a diopter of any thickness. The Zip Box's lightweight yet strong design features a unibody rubber shade with stainless steel components. The sunshade's wide design prevents vignetting even when using wide lenses and large camera sensors. Note: To ensure compatibility, use the outside lens diameter measurement, not the threaded filter ring size. Compatible Lenses Not a comprehensive list, check your lens diameter for compatibility Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III 18mm/T2.2, 25mm/T2.2, 35mm/T2.1, 50mm/T2.0, 75mm/T2.0, 95mmT2.0 ARRI LDS Ultra Prime 12mm/T2.0, 14/16/20/24/28/32/40/50/65/85/100/135/180mm T1.9 Features Clamps onto lenses with an outside diameter of 3.9-4.1" (100-105mm) Holds one 138mm filter such as a diopter or polarizer Lightweight, durable, rubber and stainless steel construction Wide sunshade avoids vignetting on wide lenses