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Vinten µVRC Control System

by Vinten
SKU V4063-0010
NAB 2017: Vinten Introduces the µVRC Robotic Controller Read More The µVRC Control System is Vinten's modular version of its HD-VRC system. The µVRC (microVRC) system, as it comes, allows you to control up to four Vinten Vantage robotic camera heads. But with the addition of optional license modules, you can add control for up to an unlimited number of heads, as well as ICE/Fusion heads, 3rd-party PTZ cameras, Hexagon tracks, and more (see "Optional License Modules" below). The µVRC system includes a control PC, a display monitor, and an ergonomic joystick controller. The modular aspect of the system allows you to build the configuration that you need and upgrade it as you grow. Once you've paired the system with camera heads/tracks/etc., you can control all your connected units at the same time to achieve various shooting angles. The features the system offers include camera select, pre-set shots, essential shading, playback, and video switcher integration for connection to 3rd-party switchers. Providing for further efficiency, the µVRC system also uses plug-and-play technology and has an auto-discovery setting, allowing for quick setup of paired devices. Optional License Modules Four License Module Control up to eight Vinten Vantage robotic heads. Total Control License Module Control an unlimited number of Vinten Vantage robotic heads. PTZ Control License Module Adds control for a single PTZ cable (Sony, Panasonic, or Canon). ICE/Fusion License Module Adds control for Vinten ICE and Fusion heads. Hexagon License Module Adds control for Vinten Hexagon tracks. CCU Control License Module Adds paint/shading control for one broadcast camera (Sony). Automation Interface License Module Allows integration of a 3rd-party control system. Distributed Network Control License Module Allows multiple µVRC systems to share control, and also allows interaction with HD-VRC systems. Shot Thumbnails License Module Adds support for a Blackmagic Design external video capture interface in order to allow shots to display thumbnails from live video.