Vinten Vantage Motorized Pan & Tilt Head

sku: V4142-0001
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by Vinten
The Vantage Motorized Pan/Tilt Head from Vinten is a compact, flexible robotic head designed for lighter video cameras. The Vantage head enables shooters to choose the most suitable camera and lens for their production, rather than being restricted to the limits of a single PTZ camera. Since the camera being used with the Vantage can be swapped out as needed, this head can serve to future-proof your PTZ studio setup. The Vantage features continuously variable speed control over pan, tilt, and zoom axes. Weighing just under 5 pounds, it has a payload capacity of 10 pounds, and is compatible with a range of camcorders and servo zooms. Use the Vantage head with the optional Vinten µVRC Robotic Controller (not included) for smooth, programmed, joystick-controlled moves. Compatible with existing HD-VRC control systems as well, the Vantage sports Serial, Ethernet, LANC, and Genlock interfaces. This head has a pan range of 355°, tilting from +/- 90°, and a pan/tilt speed of 0.2 to 60°/second. For 360° production productions, the Vantage can provide tracking data to interface with VR systems. The Vantage head's tally light is a boon for live productions, and its bubble level enables accurate positioning. This pan/tilt head has a low 24W power consumption, suiting it to battery-operated location use. Mount the Vantage to a tripod or other support using its flat base, or combine the head with a 75mm ball adapter (available separately). Compatible Cameras Including, but not limited to: Canon C100 Canon C300 Mk II Canon 5D AJA RovoCam Canon XF205 Control Options Compatible with the optional Vinten μVRC (Micro VRC) robotic controller (not included) Works with existing HD-VRC control systems Serial, Ethernet, LANC, and Genlock control interfaces Features Compact robotic head for camera rigs weighing up to 10 pounds Precision pan/tilt head with zoom control for select servo lenses Continuously variable operating speeds from 0.2 to 60°/second Tracks data for VR (virtual reality) systems Tally light for live production Flat base is compatible with optional 75mm ball adapter; base has integrated bubble level

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