Vinten Head Processing Module (HPM)

sku: V4014-0004
Available to order1-2 weeks delivery
by Vinten
The Vinten Head Processing Module (HPM) has been designed to integrate with Vector 950E or Vision 250E pan and tilt heads, Canon and Fujinon lenses, and the Quattro-SE pedestal, coordinating encoder output from all axes for virtual reality (VR) applications. The HPM mounts directly to the Vinten 'E' pan and tilt head, receiving power and a Genlock signal from a studio source, and supplying power, ethernet, and Genlock signals to the Quattro-SE pedestal while outputting VR data to the studio. Lens Feedback Canon and Fujinon lenses (with encoder output) and externally mounted Vinten lens encoders are supported by the HPM to coordinate VR software with lens movements. Vinten PDA The HPM is configured using the Vinten Radamec PDA, which not only formats communication settings with the VR system, but also calibrates the connected Vinten 'E' pan and tilt head and Quattro-SE pedestal.

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