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Teradek Sphere SDI Real-Time 360-Degree Monitoring and Streaming System - License Included

by Teradek
SKU 10-0361-1


  • Real-Time 360° Monitoring on iPads
  • Four SDI Inputs
  • Supports Input Signals up to 1080p30
  • Real-Time iOS-Based Stitching Engine
  • Live Stream to 360° Video Platforms
  • Rectilinear and Panoramic Viewing Modes
  • Four USB Ports to Power GoPro Rigs
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet Ports
  • Daisy-Chain Second Sphere for 8 Cameras
  • Teradek Sphere SDI Real-Time 360-Degree Monitoring and Streaming System
  • 2909 Super Clamp with 2907 Reversible Short Stud
  • Sphere Mounting Bracket
  • Ethernet Cable
  • AC Power Adapter
  • 2 x Screw Socket Head Caps
  • Allen Wrench
  • 4 x SDI Cables (10")
  • Hardshell Case
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Teradek's Sphere is a real-time monitoring and streaming solution for multicamera 360° productions. Compatible with nearly any SDI camera, Sphere accepts up to four camera output signals up to 1080p at 30 fps, and stitches the video files together for live viewing on an iPad. Utilizing an iOS-based stitching engine, no separate PC is required to stitch together your footage, allowing for real-time monitoring in your choice of viewing modes—including rectilinear and panoramic—all while keeping your production mobile. With the included streaming license, the stitched video can then be simultaneously streamed directly to the web to any compatible 360° online video platform, including Wowza and YouTube.

In addition to its four SDI inputs, Sphere also features four USB ports that offer an integrated power solution for GoPro cameras. Audio can be input from each camera, or a separate feed from an audio board can be brought in via a 3.5mm stereo analog audio input. To connect to the internet, Sphere has a 10/100 Ethernet port. Should you need more than four cameras for your 360° productions, a second 10/100 Ethernet port is provided, allowing you to daisy-chain a second Sphere to support up to eight cameras. For power, Sphere features redundant two-pin LEMO inputs, offering protection against power supply failures to keep your live stream active.

To get your 360° productions up and running, Sphere comes with a mounting bracket, 10" SDI cable, Ethernet cable, and an AC power adapter. A hardshell case is also provided to protect your Sphere when not in use.


Live Monitoring Solution for SDI Cameras
Sphere is a four-camera 360° rig monitoring solution that features four SDI inputs. Its four USB ports offer an integrated power solution for GoPro rigs, and its stereo analog audio input allows you to embed the output of your soundboard right into the live feed.
Wireless and Internet Connectivity
Sphere connects to wireless access points and the Internet via a 10/100 Ethernet jack. To enhance the wireless range of your Sphere, Teradek recommends connecting the device to an Ubiquiti access point for a robust Wi-Fi signal up to several thousand feet.
Support for up to 8 Cameras
Should you need more than four cameras for your 360° production, a second Sphere can be daisy-chained using the device's 10/100 Ethernet port, extending the number of supported cameras to eight.
Redundant Power Inputs
Dual two-pin LEMO power inputs are provided, offering redundancy in case one supply should fail.

Sphere iOS App

Stitching Engine
Sphere's stitching engine is iOS-based and offers real-time compositing of up to eight 1080p camera feeds, allowing you and your crew to be more mobile than ever before.
Real-Time 360° Monitoring Modes
Allows you to explore your live 360° content as if you were wearing a VR headset. Move the iPad around you to visualize the experience you are creating for your audience.

Displays your 360° live footage as a single panoramic image.

Little Planet
Little Planet mode turns your 360° video into a stereographic projection, allowing you to view it as if it were a 360° orb, or a "little planet."
Live Streaming
Once you've connected your cameras to Sphere, the device compresses each feed using the H.264 codec and outputs the stream over its 10/100 Ethernet jack to a wireless access point of your choice. With the included streaming license, the Sphere can stream to any 360° compatible online video platform, including YouTube and Wowza, at bit rates up to 15 Mbps.
Stitching Configuration Options
The Sphere iOS application offers numerous parameters for tweaking your 360° footage to your liking. In addition to multiple lens correction options, you can adjust the image rotation and edge alignment of your stitch from the app's intuitive UI.
Color Calibration Settings
Users can calibrate each camera's white balance, tint, and color profile right from the Sphere application. If you need a quick calibration, the application can color match across all video feeds at the same time to provide a balanced image instantly.
In-App Recording
Save individual 360° snapshots and your stitched video footage directly to your iPad's internal storage in MP4 format.