Teradek Core Subscription Basic (Monthly)

sku: 01-0030
Available to order1-2 weeks delivery
by Teradek
Teradek Core Subscription is a web-based fleet management system that lets you monitor and control Teradek encoders, decoders, and cellular bonding systems remotely from any location. Core allows you to route your video feeds to any number of destinations in real-time, including any combination of computers, H.264 decoders, and online video platforms. That means you can transmit your live content to multiple stations, all at one time from a simple drag-and-drop web interface. Core Basic Up to 2 encoders and 2 decoders 1 Sputnik deployment in the cloud 1 on-premise Sputnik Up to 2 GB storage in archive 50 GB of data Core Dashboard Presents an overview of current streams View all your online and offline devices and connected CDN accounts Monitor and control Teradek encoders, decoders, and bonded systems remotely from any location Pair encoders to decoders and CDNs using a simple drag-and-drop UI Monitor and control Sputnik instances Record streams from encoders and archive them to the cloud in real time Quickly connect encoders to groups of arbitrary destinations using groups List of Devices and CDNs See all of your encoders, decoders, CDNs, and groups Real-time visual overview of stream status See stream preview from your encoders, as well as their geo location Full remote control of device configuration Sputnik Instances Displays connected Sputnik servers along with real time vital signs (CPU, memory, network, and hard drive space utilization) Perform basic Sputnik commands such as restarting or upgrading an instance Sputnik servers can reside on your local network or in the cloud, so long as they have an internet connection Archive Recordings Record encoder streams in real time Archived recordings are automatically uploaded to Amazon S3 and stored privately See, download, and manage recorded files in the archive section Security All connections are SSL secured, including file transfer to the cloud storage Each Sputnik is uniquely registered to Core Connections, storage, and user data is completely private from other users

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