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Teradek Bond 759 HEVC Backpack with V-Mount Battery Plate (Japan)

by Teradek
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SKU 10-0759-JPV
1 Description 2 Teradek Cube 755 HEVC/H.264 HD Encoder 3 Teradek Bond USB Cellular Expansion Module 4 Teradek MPEG Transport Stream License for Cube Encoders 5 Teradek Node Cellular 4G LTE USB Modem (Japan) The Bond 759 HEVC Backpack from Teradek includes the Bond 757 Expansion Module with Cube 755 Encoder, a Node Cellular 4G LTE USB Modem (Japan), and a V-mount battery plate. Teradek Cube 755 HEVC/H.264 HD Encoder Set up a Teradek Cube 755 HEVC/H.264 HD Encoder and output video for live monitoring on a local area network or stream to a remote destination over a cellular network. SDI and HDMI inputs can accept up to 1080p60 resolution video and any resolution that is accepted by either input can be streamed live over hardwired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB (for connecting a cellular modem), and/or recorded to an SD card at a data rate of up to 30 Mbps. The lightweight chassis itself is built from robust aluminum and it can be secured atop most cameras using the included shoe mount. One side features an OLED panel for displaying device status and menus and a joystick for navigation. HEVC and H.264 Encoding HEVC, or H.265 provides an encoding efficiency improvement over the older H.264 format. All other things being equal an H.265 encoding will be of higher fidelity than H.264. H.264 encoding is still useful, and included to ensure compatibility with legacy hardware. Monitoring If connected to a local area network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, the Cube 755 can stream the incoming video signal to up to 6 mobile devices running Android with the VLC app or iOS with the TeraView or VUER apps. Set your crew up with compatible devices and give them real-time wireless camera feeds without breaking the bank. LUT Support Import a 33-point 1D or 3D LUT to apply to the video being encoded by the Cube 755 to give your encoded video a finished look. Later, you can go back to the camera originals recorded with the log or flat profile and color grade them, but on-set your director, client, and crew will appreciate a more true-to-life image than the one being recorded. Another option is to use the Pomfort LiveGrade integration, using LiveGrade to manually configure a grade to apply to the encoded footage. Quick Features Real-time HEVC H.264, 1080p encoding up to 60 fps SDI and HDMI inputs Adaptive bit rate encoding at up to 30 Mbps Support for 33-point 3D LUTs and Pomfort LiveGrade integration Support for USB cellular modems SD card slot for recording Test pattern generator with custom test pattern loading Monitoring on up to six iOS and/or Android devices simultaneously Aluminum housing, OLED display, and joystick navigation buttons UPC: 818264020470 Teradek Bond USB Cellular Expansion Module The Bond USB Cellular Expansion Module from Teradek combines several 3G/4G/LTE modems into a single bandwidth pipeline so you can stream live and in high definition from a cellular signal area. It connects to any Cube 600, 700, or 800 series through a pogo pin connector and offers up to four additional modem connections via USB (five total with Cube's one USB port), including Teradek Node high performance LTE radios. A built-in, 5 minute Li-ion battery offers continuous power during battery swaps so your transmission is not disrupted. The Node, a high-performance 3G/4G/LTE modem, connects to the Bond module via USB and supports major LTE data bands, allowing you to use any SIM card for your region. When you stream over bonded network connections with the Cube and Bond expansion module, a Core server running demuxing software is required to turn the data back into a video format. The Core expands the Bond module's capabilities, including real-time transcoding, archiving, remote management and configuration, and multi-platform delivery. Stream over multiple 3G/4G/LTE cellular networks Supports up to four USB modems Integrates with Cube 600, 700, and 800 Series (605/655, 715/755,805/855) Built-in Li-ion battery Low power consumption Impact resistant aluminum chassis Supports up to four iOS devices Wi-Fi and Ethernet (built into Cube) UPC: 818264020432 Teradek MPEG Transport Stream License for Cube Encoders The Teradek MPEG Transport Stream License for Cube Encoders allows you to create an MPEG-TS over IP (TCP or UDP) video stream that is compatible with television broadcast equipment and IPTV set-top boxes. A license activation key will be e-mailed to you from Teradek after purchase. Teradek Node Cellular 4G LTE USB Modem (Japan) The Node Cellular 4G LTE USB Modem from Teradek allows you to broadcast over 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE network interfaces. With a rugged aluminum chassis and USB connector, it is durable and operates under challenging conditions. Better Cellular Connection Node allows you to go live from locations with the poorest cellular connectivity Data Band Support Node can operate on every 3G / 4G/ LTE data band in the region Durable and Weather-Resistant Node features aluminum chassis, 1/4"-20 and 4-40 mounting options, and an USB connector to attach to your Teradek device Compatibility Node modems can be used with Teradek Cube 600, 700, and 800 series, Bond II / Pro / Expansion Module, and the new Link wireless access point UPC: 818264020661 In the Box Teradek Bond 318 and Cube 755 Package Teradek Cube 755 HEVC/H.264 HD Encoder Teradek Bond USB Cellular Expansion Module Teradek MPEG Transport Stream License for Cube Encoders 2-Pin Connector to 30W AC Adapter 6' Cable with International Plugs 5 x USB Modem Clips USB Modem Plate 4 x 4-40 x 3/8" Black Thumb Screw Limited 1-Year Warranty Teradek Node Cellular 4G LTE USB Modem (Japan) 2 x Antennas, Wide Band, Whip Tilt, SMA Mount 2 x Antennas, Wide Band, Penta Straight, SMA Mount SIM Card Adapter 4-Pin to USB Cable (18") Limited 1-Year Warranty V-Mount Battery Plate