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Tentacle Sync Sync E Timecode Generator with Bluetooth (Dual Set)

The compact, lightweight Tentacle Sync E Single Set includes two timecode generators, and two downloadable Tentacle Sync Studio software license (macOS). This successor to the Tentacle Sync features Bluetooth setup and monitoring, enabling you to easily view frame-accurate readings on your iOS or Android smartphone device. Use this updatable generator to extend Bluetooth-broadcast timecode to virtually any mobile device. The Sync E also features a locking clamp for its 3.5mm cable, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of devices without the need for an adapter. The Tentacle E functions as a master clock, or to jam-sync to an external timecode source. Compatible with pro equipment, the Tentacle outputs SMPTE-12M-standard LTC timecode and supports all SMPTE TC rates. The Tentacle E's integrated, high-quality mic enables you to record both timecode and ambient sound simultaneously. Each Tentacle E TC generator is powered by a built-in LiPo battery with a runtime lasting up to 35 hours. The battery charges via the unit's USB Type-C interface. A handy industrial-strength hook-and-loop surface is built into the back side of each box for secure mounting to your rig. Timecode generator functions as a master clock or can jam-sync devices when used with an external timecode source Bluetooth connectivity for cable-free setup and monitoring, iOS and Android–compatible Includes two Tentacle Sync Studio Software licenses Supports SMPTE 23.98/24/25/29.97/29.97DF/30 fps TC rates in 12M-standard Connects via 3.5mm mic jack; includes a locking clamp Integrated LiPo battery lasts up to 35 hours Highly accurate with <1 frame/day drift Built-in hook-and-loop surface on the unit's back for attaching to your rig