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StreamVT - Production Streaming Kit


Custom High-End Live-streaming Case

We have taken all of the best components available and packaged them into a resilient and set-ready form factor. Bringing streaming services to the high-end commercial and long form production. This is the ultimate form of bullet proof deployment of streaming hardware.

Ready for you to grab and go, this kit includes everything you will need to provide a high quality stream over a bonded LTE network. 

We custom build each case and ensure that every component is properly installed. Our cases have been tried and tested in the most trying environments! 

Pre-Configured to work directly with Teradek Core Services! 


1 x Teradek Bond 758 - Cube 755 Package
5 x Teradek Node Cellular 4G LTE USB Module
5 x Upgraded Antennas
1 x V-Mount Battery Adapter
1 x Core SWX Fleet D V-Mount 2-Bay Charger 
2 x Core SWX HyperCore HC9 Mini V-Mount Battery 
2 x 10m SDI cable
1 x Pelican 1525 AirNF Carry-On Case
1 x Integrated Cooling System
10 x Sim Cards + Sim Card Case
1 x Training Pack

Please see our service offerings and enquire about managed streaming options here: