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SmallHD Port Protector for Canon 5D Mark III

by SmallHD

The SmallHD Port Protector for Canon 5D Mark III provides both signal integrity and protection for your camera's Mini HDMI port and USB port. It is designed specifically to lock a SmallHD Mini HDMI cable in place and protect the HDMI port from damage caused from bumps and knocks on the connector, as well as hard cable tugs. It also keeps the cable from coming unplugged completely, keeping your monitor from losing signal during a shot. As an added benefit, it can also lock a USB cable in place. A Mini HDMI to HDMI cable comes included.
Featuring a low profile design and weighing less than an ounce, you'll hardly know the Port Protector is there. Using only one screw, the Port Protector enables a secure attachment to the body of the Canon 5D Mark III without blocking access to other ports ot interfering with tripod or hot shoe mount points. No additional hardware is required for installation.
Note: The Port Protector cannot be attached while using a battery grip.
Note: Do not attach the camera neck strap to the Port Protector.