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Sirui FE Fisheye Lens (Red)

by Sirui
Designed to capture unique and creative perspectives, the red FE Fisheye Lens from Sirui uses a 170° field of view (180° diagonal) to create full-frame images with no black corners in the image's edges. Since it has no focal length, this lens is sharp from 0.2" / 0.5cm to infinity. Sirui's Fisheye Lens attaches to your mobile device by screwing into an included aluminum lens clip, which is then attached to your phone. To help ensure that the lens clip won't scratch your phone and that the lens won't slip, the clip's inside features a soft rubber lining. The lens clip can also be used with the Sirui Mobile Phone Protective Cases or adapters sold separately. General Features Multi-layer, anti-reflection coating for high light transmission Accurate color rendition and reduced vignetting A 170° angle of view produces creative perspectives Allows you get close for macro shots (0.2" / 0.5") Includes Sirui Mobile Phone Lens Adapter Clip Can be used with Sirui Mobile Phone Protective Cases or adapters (sold separately)