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Sirui 3-Lens Mobile Phone Kit (Black Wide-Angle, Portrait, and Fisheye)

by Sirui
The 3-Lens Mobile Phone Kit from SIRUI combines their 18mm Wide-Angle Lens, 60mm Portrait Lens, and FE Fisheye Lens. These lenses have a multi-layer anti-reflection coating for increased light transmission and deliver 4K imaging quality, precise color rendition, and reduced vignetting and distortion. They are housed in a hard-shell padded protective carry case with a blue-metal carabiner on its exterior that helps the case attach to your belt or bag. The case also features an integrated latch to helps keep each lens secure. Included is a lens adapter clip and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth. The black 18mm Wide-Angle Lens allows users to capture more of the environment in their photos. This is especially useful for landscapes, architecture, and interior photography, as well as confined spaces and environments where the photographer may not be able to move further away from a subject when shooting it. The black 60mm Portrait Lens is designed to capture the clarity and depth needed for shooting portraits, while also rendering pleasing bokeh that is associated with portraits. The black FE Fisheye Lens captures unique and creative perspectives using an ultra-field angle of view. General Features Sirui's 3-Lens Mobile Phone Kit includes an 18mm Wide-Angle Lens, 60mm Portrait Lens, and FE Fisheye Lens The hard-shell padded protective carry case is well-suited for indoor or outdoor shooting An integrated case latch helps keep your lenses secure The case also has a blue metal carabiner attached to it so it can be secured to your belt or bag Micro-fiber lens cleaning cloth included Multi-layer anti-reflection coating for high light transmission 4K professional imaging quality Precise color rendition Reduced vignetting and distortion Includes Sirui Mobile Phone Lens Adapter Clip Can be used with Sirui Mobile Phone Protective Cases (sold separately) Optional Circular Polarizing Filter for 18mm Wide-Angle Lens helps reduce reflections and increase color saturation