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SHAPE Vintage Rosette Double Quick Handle


The Vintage Rosette Double Quick Handle from SHAPE is constructed from lightweight anodized aluminum with ARRI standard rosettes, soft springs, and ball joints. It features a push-button technology, providing an individual rotation on a 360° axis as well as a good grip and a stainless steel locking mechanism for stability. It features 2 handles that can rotate individually on a 360° axis. The handles and arms can be rotated by pushing the red button. Once the button is released, the handle is secured firmly in place.
The quick handle features a stainless steel locking mechanism for more durability. Providing a solid grip, the handle fits perfectly on the SHAPE baseplate series, including the BP0001 and BP0007 Quick-Release Baseplates, and the Dovetail System thanks to the precision of the ARRI rosette sockets. The handle is removable with one knob screw. It is constructed from CNC machined, high-quality aircraft grade aluminum parts, which are hard anodized for a resistant finish and assembled with stainless steel screws to prevent rusting.