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SHAPE Spider II Pro

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The Shape Spider II Pro is a hand-held professional camera support device with an adjustable camera platform height (2-1/2" to 3-3/4") below the shoulder tip. Featuring the SP Shoulder Rig, Telescopic Support Arm, 15mm Rod System, Hand5 Quick Handle, and the Pad1 Back Pad, the Spider II Pro secures the camera firmly with accessories for mobile applications.
The SP Shoulder Rig is the core component of the camera support and easily adjusts to fit any body type. It uses a standard 1/4-20 camera screw to attach the camera on the shoulder rig, and positions the camera with the help of a knob, accessible through a 3" slot on the camera platform. Made of aluminum, the Shoulder Rig is solid and durable and holds your camera securely. The rig is powder coated with a professional looking wrinkle finish.
Augmented stability and versatility is provided for camera support using the Arm1 Telescopic support Arm. The telescopic support arm is a Manfrotto 233B Camera Mount Bracket with a 4" cup that provides large surface contact area. You can extend the arm from 14-20". Rotation of 360° along both vertical and horizontal axes is possible via the rotating arm. Easy attachment and removal of the cup attributes versatility to the telescopic support arm. Removal of the cup enables you to use the arm for supporting accessories such as a microphone or a camera light.
The 15mm Rod System extends the reach of the Spider II Pro, and when not in use it can be removed using a 4mm hexagonal key. Using a quick-release plate (not included) that can be attached below you can attach the Spider II Pro to any standard tripod. It also allows you to attach and position the Shape Box (not included) above or below the camera platform.
Featuring 2 handles that can rotate individually (360°), the Hand5 Quick Handle with a simple push of a button allows moving the arms, and releasing the button secures the handles firmly in place. Weighing only 0.35 lb, the detachable Pad1 Back Pad can be positioned easily (up and down by 1-1/4" (3cm) and left and right on 360°), and adds stability and comfort to the shoulder rig.