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SHAPE Sony FS5 Baseplate V-Lock Quick Release with Metabones Support


The Sony FS5 Baseplate V-Lock Quick Release from SHAPE offers a lightweight and balanced solution on the shoulder. This Baseplate features the BP0008 V-Lock Quick Release specifically adapted for the Sony FS5 camera. Its versatility offers the possibility to adjust the front bracket's height easily, and to switch the front rod bracket from 15mm lightweight to 15mm studio. It comes with a Metabones adapter plate in the front with a 3mm vertical adjustment for support. The FS5 Metabones adapter is suited to support weight and reduce stress on the camera lens mount. The ergonomic design is specifically made to help you shoot for long hours; providing comfort and balance. Made of solid anodized aluminum, the SHAPE BP0008 is a suitable fit for your Sony FS5.