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SHAPE Paparazzi Riser/15mm Rod System


The Shape 15mm Rod System provides support for rod-mounted accessories such as matte boxes, lens adapters, lens supports, and follow focus mechanisms. By supporting these accessories, the system transfers additional weight away from your lens. The 15mm Rod System is composed of a Sliding Rod Bloc and a pair of 15mm aluminum rods. The rods' threaded female ends enable the attachment of 1/2"-13–threaded extension rods (not included).
This system can be easily attached and removed from the front of the camera using a 4mm hex key (not included). The 15mm Rod System uses a small thumb lever for horizontal adjustments of the bracket along the rods. The same 4mm hex key can be used to adjust the bracket up to 1 3/8" vertically to correspond to the height of the accessory. This system features an aluminum bracket and aluminum rods with stainless steel screws.