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The SHAPE COMPOSITE F3 is designed to position the camera near or over the shoulder, and allows for quick adjustments and easy customizations. It is easy to set up and requires a 0.16” (4mm) hexagonal key.
With various threaded holes (20.25”/51.44cm and 16.38”/41.61cm) at its base, the paparazzi riser camera platform allows for attachment of the quick release plate. The front rods of the COMPOSITE F3 allow you to attach video accessories such as a matte box, a 1.38” (35mm) lens adaptor, and a follow focus mechanism.
Each handle of the COMPOSITE F3 can be individually rotated to 360° by pressing the button located at the articulation. With the release of this button, the handle stays firmly at 1 place. Made of lightweight aluminum, the components of the COMPOSITE F3 offer strength and durability. Most of the parts sport a powder coat paint with wrinkle finish and the rest of the parts are hard anodized.