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Rotolight RL48 Interview Kit V2

The Rotolight RL48 Interview Kit V2 centers on two portable LED ring lights that you can mount in various setups around your subject. Two included stands enable mounting on shoe adapters and on 1/4" studs. Using one stand, you can attach one light on your camera's shoe mount and the other on a tripod, lighting stand, pole or other compatible support accessory. The lights also slide right onto most shotgun mics. Each light features 48 grade-A LED bulbs and delivers an 80W equivalent intensity in a 110° beam angle. You can get the lights as close to your subject as 1.5". Color temperature is fixed at 5600K daylight, and using included filters you can adjust the temperature to 6300K, 4100K and 3200K. You also get filters for diffusion, color and cosmetic effects, and for dimming brightness over a range of 1.5 aperture stops. The filters insert into holders inside the lights. In all you get 24 LEE filters, two packs of 7 that come with each light, and a pack of 10 included with the kit. The lights each power by three optional AA batteries for up to four continuous hours. The kit also includes a belt-pouch designed with compartments and pockets to hold both lights, 6 batteries, one stand and a smart-phone. 24 Included LEE Filters Color Temperature 2x 6300K Direct Daylight 1/8 CTB #218 2x 4100K Mixed Light 1/2 CTO #205 2x 3200K Tungsten 15/16 CTO #3200 Diffusion and Neutral Density 2x Diffusion Screen #216 2x Neutral Density 0.5 Stop #298 2x Neutral Density 1 Stop #209 Color and Cosmetic Effects 2x 1/8 Minus Green (Magenta) #279 Medium Amber 020: for afternoon sunlight, candlelight, and side lighting Light Lavender 052: for general areas, side lights, basic followspot color and backlight Pale Blue 063: cool front light wash for creating an overcast look for cold weather Bright Pink 128: for backlighting and side lighting; useful for musicals Light Red 182: for theater and television effect lighting as well as cycloramas Bedford Blue 712: a smoky warm blue for skin tones Liberty Green 730: green for creating mystery and suspense Sunlight Yellow 765: for producing a strong sunlight effect Cosmetic Peach 184: warm highlight or front light; complementary for most skin tones Moroccan Frost 791: smoothes PAR or flood washes of large areas; for houselights and interior color washes