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Rotolight Anova V2 Bicolor Standard LED EcoFlood (V-Mount)

The Anova V2 Bicolor Standard LED EcoFlood by Rotolight is a revolutionary LED flood light source with a host of features that will make it indispensable in the studio or on location for large or small productions. The light uses a V-mount battery, weighs 7.0 lb and measures 17.3 x 19.4 x 4.2". The Anova V2 manages to output the impressive equivalent of 3460W of tungsten light with a beam angle of 50 degrees and color temperatures variable from 3150-6300K. That kind of power requires sophisticated control so the Anova V2 provides wired DMX, Wi-Fi and back panel control options. There's even an optional iPhone / iPad App that allows you to sample the ambient light's color and intensity and accurately reproduce it on site. You can then transmit the info anywhere in the world to match up multiple Anovas being used on location. A fader function allows you to control multiple lights and settings with transitions, wirelessly. The Anova comes with a TVMP connector for 5/8" stud light stands as well as a 6-piece filter set that includes diffusion, minus green, and cosmetic peach filters. Optional accessories include a louver, barndoors, aluminum hard flight case, softbox, Fresnel attachment, reflectors, and a T-Connector plate. Bi-Color LED System Accurately reproduces white light from candlelight to full daylight in 10-degree steps with Real-Time display. 50-Degree Beam Angle High output for long throw applications. Optional Magic Eye App Uses iPhone / iPad App to accurately sample both color temperature and intensity and wirelessly transmit and recall settings with DMX-style fader control across the globe to Anova lights on location. V-Mount Battery Plate A V-mount plate for battery operation is included. Wi-Fi and DMX Includes built-in Wi-Fi and wired DMX, allowing wireless remote control of brightness, color temperature and system settings via iPhone or iPad. Tessellating Design Anova's unique design allows users to create a huge honeycomb array of Anovas for larger projects using optional T-Plate connectors and custom yokes.