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Rotolight Add-On Color Filter Pack for RL48-A & RL48-B

This is a modal window. This video is either unavailable or not supported in this browser Error Code: MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED If you are using an older browser please try upgrading or installing Flash. Session ID: 2018-09-07:ac9d0adc853e412a7ec3509c Player ID: bh-2422605436001 OK Close Modal Dialog HDLR LED Lighting The Rotolight Add-On Color Filter Pack for RL48-A & RL48-B includes 10 circular filters designed by Lee Filters. They are compatible with the RL48-A & RL48-B LED RingLight Camera Light. The pack includes 8 color effects filters and 2 cosmetic filters. Color Effects Filters: 020 Medium Amber - for afternoon sunlight, candlelight, and side lighting. 052 Light Lavender - for general areas and side lights, and for a basic followspot color as well as a backlight. 063 Pale Blue - cool front light wash for creating an overcast look for cold weather. 128 Bright Pink - for backlighting and side lighting; useful for musicals. 182 Light Red - for theater and television effect lighting as well as cycloramas. 712 Bedford Blue - a smoky warm blue for skin tones. 730 Liberty Green - green for creating mystery and suspense. 765 Sunlight Yellow - for producing a strong sunlight effect. Cosmetic Filters: 184 Cosmetic Peach - warm highlight or front light; complementary for most skin tones. 791 Moroccan Frost - smoothes PAR or flood washes of large areas; useful for houselights and interior color washes.