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RED DIGITAL CINEMA EPIC-W BRAIN with Gemini 5K S35 Sensor (Standard OLPF)

SKU 710-0299

The RED EPIC-W BRAIN with Gemini 5K S35 Sensor brings the EPIC name back to the forefront, featuring their Gemini dual ISO 5K Super 35 sensor. It has a standard mode and a low light mode, both at 5K resolution which allows for capture at up to 96 fps. The Gemini allows for high-resolution 5K recording while using classic cinema lenses designed for the Super 35 film format. It also allows 4K recording using the whole sensor.
REDCODE RAW is the format of choice for the EPIC-W. RED's versatile raw codec uses wavelet compression to reduce data rates while maintaining a visually lossless image rendering. This efficient codec can be edited on many available NLE software programs without transcoding, though if you prefer a proxy workflow, ProRes or DNx files can be recorded simultaneously to the MINI-MAG media. Lowering the recording resolution allows the sensor to capture higher frame rates for dramatic slow-motion footage. The EPIC-W uses sensor windowing to record slow motion in lower resolutions, requiring wider lenses to compensate for the additional crop. All the EPIC-W's power is enclosed in a relatively small body comprised of magnesium and aluminum. The EPIC-W's size, or lack thereof, makes it versatile.