RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC2 Production Module (V-Mount)

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Sporting a wealth of connections and a V-mount battery plate, RED DIGITAL CINEMA's DSMC2 Production Module is designed to complement professional DSMC2 camera configurations. Compatible with DSMC2 firmware 7.2 or later, this module features two 3G-SDI BNC outputs, one BNC monitor output, two 24V R/S ports, and two full-size XLR audio inputs. Additional interfaces include genlock, timecode, GigE Ethernet, and RS-232 connectors for data and control functions. LEMO, D-Tap, and USB ports are also available for powering camera accessories. A 3.5mm headphone jack enables you to monitor audio during recording and playback. Auxiliary Power Connections Two front-facing 3-pin Fischer R/S ports support Remote Start/Stop functionality, and provide 24V power out (up to a combined 2.5A) A front-facing 2-pin LEMO auxiliary port provides power out up to 3.0A A 2-pin D-Tap connector on the module's top provides power out up to 3.0A A rear-facing USB 2.0 port with support for fast charging provides 5V at 1.5A for a powering small mobile device DC power in, genlock, timecode, Gig-E and control ports Two 3-pin XLR audio ports each offer +48V phantom power V-Mount Battery Plate Compatible with a RED BRICK, REDVOLT-V, or other V-Lock battery Auto-Boot Function A selector switch enables you to automatically boot your DSMC2 camera using a connected DC power supply when it's mounted remotely or in a difficult-to-reach location

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