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Ignite Digi TB50 Battery to Movi Pro Adapter


Want longer run times on your MōVI Pro?
Already have an Inspire 2 or Matrice 200/210 drone system?

Then use your TB50 batteries on your MōVI Pro, more than doubling your run time!

The TB50 batteries are 98Wh vs. Standard 40Wh MōVI Pro and can output up to 10 amps each (~240W) so can handle the high draw from cameras and accessories!

The plates slide on and screw lock to your original MōVI Pro battery slots, so no wiggling around, a seamless fit ready for work on the most demanding sets!
This means you can also quickly change back to MōVI Pro batteries for drone/lightweight setups.

Treat your batteries in pairs like on your Inspire 2 drone system, quad chargers are available as well!

The Lemo version allows you to get battery voltage (21-25.5V) to power Preston MDRs, rain spinners or other high draw accessories you may be having issues with on the MōVI Pro D-taps.
We can do custom cables to run down to your accessories!
The Lemo version comes with a 2 pin lemo out on both plates!

We tested on front car mount for pan motor resistance with the extra weight and slightly larger sail area of the TB50s and found no maximum speed difference between TB50s and standard MōVI Pro batteries.

RUN TIMES with 2 x TB50s (will depend on payload, environment and use):

Our setup:
MōVI Pro + Alexa Mini (UHD 50fps) + Teradek Bolt 2000 + RTMotion 2 motor kit

Handheld MōVI: 2 hours

Front car mount: 1 hour


MoVI Pro battery weight/power: 305g/38Wh each

TB50 battery/power: 520g/98Wh each

TB50 battery adapter: 195g each

Total additional weight with 2 x adapters and 2 x TB50 batteries: 820g

The TB50s have built in heaters, which start warming the batteries when engaged to the plate, so you can maximise battery run times in cold weather!

You can also manually start the warming when the batteries are off the plate by holding the button down on the battery for 3 sec, lights 1/2 and 3/4 will flash alternately when warming up. Once at 20°C it will flash light 1 and 4 alternately.