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Gentles GentWIRE-RedPRO RED Movie Camera Recording Control Cable

by Gentles
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SKU gw702
We offer two products for RED cameras.

gentWIRE-redPRO offers full control over many camera functions, and gentWIRE-RED offers basic control of record START/STOP, both work via a wired connection to the camera.

RED offer their own remote control system but it is not optimised
for aerial work, being heavy and with restricted operating range.

Our products weigh under 10 grams and use the existing remote vehicle control system (RC channels) to guarantee communication without increasing payload.

gentWIRE-redPRO plugs into the CTRL port. (see image on right), gentWIRE-RED plugs into the SYNC port on the camera.

gentWIRE-redPRO 702 for full control over many camera functions
Using up to three channels of your RC system the unit can be configured to control:
Record start and stop,
Iris, focus, and shutter angle,
also available, exposure adjustment,
Main camera features can be set for absolute or relative control,
Remotely press/unpress 4 user programmable user keys,
Control via up to 3 standard PWM servos or digital SBUS interface,
Auxiliary output of camera status can be relayed back to the operator.
The unit is field configurable to change SBUS channel assignment or feature configuration using the camera keyboard and display. Once changed, the new settings are stored in memory. NOTE: Your RED camera must be using firmware 6.0.x or above.