G-Technology 10TB Spare 10000 Enterprise Hard Drive (Helium-filled)

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by G-Technology
The 10TB Spare 10000 Enterprise Hard Drive from G-Technology is a hot-swappable Spare series drive for use with the G-Technology G-SPEED Studio, G-SPEED Studio XL, G-RAID Studio, and G-RAID arrays. As a Spare series drive, its frame is fitted with a mounting system that only allows it to be used with the mentioned G-Tech products. This drive allows you to store and access up to 10TB of your data when installed in a G-Technology array. In terms of speed, this drive operates at 7200 rpm and the 64MB cache helps ensure uninterrupted data transfers. This drive uses the HelioSeal platform, which means that it is filled with helium instead of regular air. As helium is lighter than air, this helps reduce vibration, power consumption by up to 23%, noise levels by up to 30%, temperature by up to 7°F, and weight by 1.8 oz, while also increasing drive capacity by up to 50% over the previous generation. Rotational Vibration Safeguard Helps maintain drive performance in high rotational vibration environments and multi-drive systems Thermal Fly-Height Control with internal thermal sensor Helps lower the soft error rate for improved reliability and performance Improved Watts per Gigabyte 24% lower W/GB than its predecessor for maximum efficiency Optional Bulk Data Encryption and TCG Enterprise_A Encrypt private data, providing improved security and easier redeployment SATA Interface The hard drive connects via the SATA 6 Gb/s interface (Rev. 3.0)

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