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FREEFLY Pilot 3-Axis F/I/Z Controller System for MoVI Pro and MoVI XL

SKU 950-00073

The Freefly Pilot System is a fully-featured 3-axis Focus/Iris/Zoom controller that seamlessly integrates with both MōVI Pro and MōVI XL. With the Pilot Controller, you gain complete remote control over your MōVI's settings, including pointing and lens controls, at a range of up to 600'.
At the center of the Pilot System is the MIMIC, which provides power to the other modules and serves as a primary interface to navigate through options. Attached to the MIMIC are the Pilot Iris/Zoom Module and the Pilot Focus Module, which grant users remote control over camera and gimbal functions. Both modules use an A-B button setup for marks and other features. The Pilot Iris/Zoom Module also features a 2-axis force joystick that facilitates the gimbal-pointing functionality.
All components for the Pilot System, including the MIMIC, necessary zoom and focus modules, along with multiple connector cables in various lengths, are all included.