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FREEFLY MōVI Pro Aerial Bundle

SKU 950-00068

Introducing MoVI Pro
MoVI PRO - Building the Camera
MoVI PRO - Mounting a Camera
MoVI PRO - Balancing Your Camera
MoVI PRO - Tuning
MoVI PRO - APP Overview
MoVI PRO - MIMIC Overview
MoVI PRO - MIMIC FIZ (Focus / Iris / Zoom)
MoVI PRO - MIMIC Gamepad
Attach your camera rig to an ALTA drone with the FREEFLY M??VI Pro Aerial Bundle and record stable footage. This kit consists of the M??VI Pro 3-axis motorized gimbal stabilizer, the M??VI Pro Landing Gear, and the MIMIC controller.
The M??VI Pro motorized gimbal stabilizer itself steadies cameras weighing up to 15 pounds, rendering it compatible with mirrorless cameras all the way up to smaller cinema cameras. With the included batteries, the camera and essential accessories can be powered without adding any bulk to the M??VI Pro.
The unique design of the M??VI Pro Landing Gear lends it to professional video production. The actual landing gear moves with the gimbal, never obstructing the camera's field-of-view. Quick installation times ensure you can be up and flying with minimal difficulty. Once installed, use the quick-release mechanism to switch from ground-view to sky-view configurations.
Dual-operator configurations are common for aerial videography. The MIMIC allows for a separate camera operator that controls camera movements while the pilot can concentrate on flying the drone. The MIMIC uses Bluetooth and 2.4GHz radios for device and accessory communication.