FREEFLY ALTA 8 Pro Upgrade*

sku: 910-00327
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R57,489.00 Inc.

*Shipping costs are included in the price. 

Enjoy the benefits of ALTA Pro’s autonomous movement by upgrading your current ALTA 8. ALTA Pro forges new paths in autonomous movement with its state-of-the-industry technology stack. Upgrading from ALTA’s Synapse system to ALTA Pro provides additional performance and usability features, including:

  • Ground Contol mission planner with included long-range 900mhz telemetry radio
  • Advanced, high-bandwidth position hold offering unprecedented precision, repeatability, and stability
  • PX4-based mission autopilot
  • Integrates with a wide variety of drone software via Mavlink protocol
  • Flexible ground control module compatible with Mac, PC, Android, iOS
  • Open source communications protocol (Mavlink) with existing community support
  • With the Full power of PX4 flight controller architecture, ALTA has all the features of a modern drone: waypoints, autonomy, telemetry/C2, autoland, etc.

Your ALTA Pro upgrade will include:

  • Installation of a new flight control and GPS system
  • Installation and setup of a new 900mhz telemetry radio system
  • 1000 hour Checkup service (outlined below)

In addition to upgrading, we will also inspect your ALTA with emphasis on:

  • Wear and fatigue items
  • Updated or revised components & service bulletins
  • Validate and confirm your ALTA is within performance thresholds
  • Full cleaning and fastener replacement (as needed)
  • System level test and re-qualification

Notes from Freefly:

  • Please do not ship your Alta to Freefly before receiving an authorization! Within two business days of submitting your order, Freefly Support will contact via the email address provided on the order to collect your serial number and issue a Return Authorization.
  • The upgrade service cost assumes that your ALTA is in flight-ready condition and not in need of major repairs. If repairs are necessary before the upgrade can be performed, you will be notified about additional costs. 
  • You are responsible for any costs associated with shipping the ALTA to Freefly for the Pro Update Service. 
  • When completing the purchase for this upgrade in the store, there will be a shipping charge included. This charge covers shipping costs to get the ALTA back to you after the upgrade. In order for this charge to be properly calculated and so we can ship it to the correct address after the service, you need to put your return shipping address as the shipping address on the order! 

Notes from Film Gear:

  • Film Gear will handle the authorization of your upgrade.
  • We have included the shipping costs of shipping a FREEFLY ALTA to and from the Freefly headquarters in the USA into our price. 


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