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FLOWCINE Tranquilizer Mount with Shore 30/40 & Passive Plates for Black Arm Dampening System

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The Tranquilizer Mount from FLOWCINE is an anti-vibration mount designed for the Black Arm Dampening System. The Tranquilizer reduces vibrations from the lowest possible frequency range and maximizes motor torque without getting into self-oscillation. It comes with two sets of 32 polymers, the shore 30 and shore 40, while harder and softer shores can be easily added (sold separately). The Tranquilizer also includes eight passive plates. These add more mass to the system, and let you dial in the right amount of weight while compensating incoming hard shocks. The passive plates are easy to add and remove on the fly while your gimbal is already attached to the system. They enable you to add just over 11 lb to the Tranquilizer. The Tranquilizer allows the system to reduce a great deal of incoming vibrations, while at the same time keep the gimbal in check from jittering around the pan axis. This allows you to tune your gimbal/gyrohead with the highest possible pan motor torque settings and the result will be a head that handles high speeds, wind, and other dynamics when shooting from vehicles better. In the Box FLOWCINE Tranquilizer Mount with Shore 30/40 & Passive Plates for Black Arm Dampening System Limited 1-Year Warranty

The Tranquilizer ships with two sets of polymers, the shore 30 and shore 40.
Softer shores (20/30) are best suited for lighter rigs and/or flat (regular car) road. Harder shores (40/50/60) are more suitable for heavier rigs and/or offroad (ATV) driving. Weights below includes eventual passive plates.

Shore 20 weight range: up to 5.40 – 10.75kg
Shore 30 weight range: up to 6.70 – 13.25kg
Shore 40 weight range up to 11.25 – 22.50kg
Shore 50 weight range up to 13.75 – 27.50kg
Shore 60 weight range up to 19.00 – 34.50kg