edelkrone SliderPlus X Camera Slider (Long)

sku: 80298
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by edelkrone
R21,579.00 Inc.
The SliderPlus X Camera Slider from edelkrone is a long slider with a safety lock used for heavy setups on the ground or on a tripod. This slider features built-in foldable legs which allow you to adjust each leg independently depending on the terrain, or fold them up for easy storage. A set of two fabric belts and a set of two motion control belts are included with magnetic clips attached to each end of the belts. The magnetic snap-on belt clips allow you to replace the belts whenever you need, and the tripod-mounting wheel allows you to place the slider over the tripod and rotate the wheel to tighten it. The rails of the slider move with the camera, giving you twice the amount of camera travel and dolly input/output range compared to regular sliders of its size Ultra-smooth and consistent slides Revolutionary motion control add-ons (available separately) Non-friction ball bearings Double coating for scratch resistance Temperature-treated aluminum rods

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