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Cubelet 105305 HDSDI Enc HDSDI Dec

by Teradek
SKU 10-0623

The Teradek Cube 105 Encoder & 305 Decoder HD-SDI with Ethernet is an HD video transmission solution that streams and receives by wired Ethernet. The encoder captures video with embedded audio from an SDI camera via an SDI input and streams the data to the decoder by a wired Ethernet connection between the two. The decoder outputs the data in the widely-used edit-ready H.264 codec to switchers, professional monitors and other equipment via an SDI output. H.264 is also a popular codec for uploading files to the internet in. Alternative to communicating by Ethernet, the Cubes can stream and receive by optional 3G/4G USB modems, for which both Cubes have a USB 2.0 port positioned right beside their Ethernet port. The Cubes support resolutions up to 1080p/30, which is the top resolution that many common camcorders and DSLRs shoot in. The decoder moreover features a built-in scaler and can upscale any lower resolution to 1080p/30. At the same time as streaming HD, the encoder can also save proxy files for editing, or it can stream the proxy files and save the HD data to a microSD card. Both Cubes have a MicroSD card slot for saving captured/received data. An OLED display on the side of each Cube communicates transmission, storage and other information.

The Cubes power by AC power or optional Teradek/Swit 945, D54, or VGB6 2-pin Lemo batteries. One AC adapter is included. The encoder can be used camera-top by means of a 1/4Inch thread, and the decoder also features a 1/4Inch thread but can conveniently be used table-top.

Key Features
Captures, streams, and outputs 1080p/30 video with embedded audio by Ethernet or optional USB modems
Captures by SDI and outputs by SDI in H.264 to switchers, monitors and other equipment
Can save proxy files at the same time as streaming HD, or vice-versa
The decoder features a built-in scaler that can internally upscale to 1080p/30 for output
Powers by AC power or optional 2-pin Lemo Teradek/Swit batteries; one AC adapter is included
microSD card slots enable saving the captured/received data
OLED displays communicate transmission, storage and other information