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Cube 555 Composite Encoder 10100 USB 2458GHz

by Teradek
SKU 10-0555

The Teradek Beam system transmits up to 1080p60 video with audio for up to 2500 ft over the license-free 5 GHz frequency. Latency is only 70ms-80ms, which comes out to approximately 2 frames. This set includes one transmitter with a 3G-SDI input and loop output, and one receiver with a 3G-SDI output. The transmitter offers a Gold-Mount male plate on one side and female on the other and is meant to be sandwiched in between your camera and battery. Both units also offer RJ45 ports supporting wired LAN (Local Area Network) transfer and bidirectional serial control. Video is encoded in the H.264 codec and delivered at 30 Mbps bit rate and 50 Mbps over a LAN. The system uses RTSP streaming and also includes an MPEG-TS streaming license that you can switch over to via the OLED menu display.

The transmitter has multicast capability in both 5 GHz and LAN modes, supporting up to four receivers simultaneously. Both the transmitter and receiver also feature mic inputs and headphone outputs allowing two-way communication. Both units also offer 1/4Inch-20 mounting threads on the bottom.

Key Features
Transmits up 1080p60 for up to 2500 ft over the 5 GHz frequency
70ms-80ms latency (approximately 2 frames)
3G-SDI input and loop output / 3G-SDI output
Transmitter features a Gold-Mount plate on both sides
RJ45 ports supporting wired LAN transfer
RJ45 ports for bidirectional serial control
H.264 encoding
30 Mbps bit rate over 5 GHz and 50 Mbps over LAN
RTSP and MPEG-TS streaming
OLED menu display
Mic and headphone connections allowing two way communication
Dedicated bidirectional IFB channel
Multicast capable, supporting up to 4 receivers