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Cube 355 HDSDI Decoder 10100 USB 2458GHz

by Teradek
SKU 10-0355

Teradek's Cube-355 HD-SDI Decoder with WiFi connects to SDI switchers and monitors and outputs HD video with embedded audio, in H.264, that it receives and decodes from a Teradek encoder. The encoder can stream resolutions as high as 1080p/30. The 355 supports and can output 1080p/30 and via a built-in scaler can upscale any lower resolution. It can receive from the encoder by dual-band WiFi, by Ethernet, or optionally via a 3G/4G USB modem, which connects into a USB port. The Cube features an internal 2-hour battery and can also be powered by an included AC adapter or an optional Teradek/SWIT 945, D54, or VGB6 2-pin Lemo battery. A 1/4Inch thread allows 1/4Inch mounting but being on the output side, the 355 can simply be used table-top.

Outputs in up to 1080p/30, in H.264, to SDI switchers and monitors
Receives from an optional encoder by WiFi, Ethernet, or an optional USB modem
Built-in scaler can upscale any resolution lower than 1080p/30