Canon DP-V1710 17" UHD 4K Reference Display (7 RU)

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The DP-V1710 17" UHD 4K Reference Display from Canon is a compact and rugged display that supports signals up to UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) for use in broadcast and cinema workflows where high mobility is needed. The innovative Canon-designed white LED backlight with its IPS panel facilitates a wide-viewing angle, and the anti-glare coating helps improve on-location visibility. It also features a specially developed image processing engine to help produce uniform brightness. The DP-V1710 supports a variety of workflows, including a link-up with the ARRI ALEXA SXT cinema camera systems, while its size and full-feature set help make it a great choice for broadcast productions both on set and in broadcast vans and studios. The aluminum frame design ensures rigidity and strength. Featuring EIA 19" rack mount compatibility (7 RU), it is easy to install. Broadcast Standard UHD 4K Video on a 17" Display The DP-V1710 fits inside 19" racks and is perfect for new or retrofit applications in broadcast studios and mobile production vans. Two Line Inputs with Support for 6G-SDI and 4K60p It is equipped with four 6G-SDI terminals. Support of New Standards and Various EOTFs Supports broadcast/digital cinema EOTFs, as well as Canon's own proprietary Canon Log/2/3. It also supports the latest HDR EOTFs, Hybrid Log-Gamma (ITU-R BT.2100) and SMPTE ST 2084. Providing various EOTFs in this way powerfully supports on location confirmation of video. Abundant Functions for Supporting HDR Production It supports split-screen display of HDR and SDR signals. Since video can be displayed simultaneously on the left and right screens, differences in luminance ranges and gradation/brightness can be compared at a glance, allowing for HDR shooting to be conducted with more confidence and efficiency. The waveform monitor can be selected to display HDR scales or Canon Log (%) for maximum flexibility in HDR production. It also comes with HDR Range Variable Adjustment Function and HDR Meta Information Display. Remarkable Black Levels This display provides a black level superior to older CRT displays. By ensuring accurate gradation precision afforded by liquid crystal displays, a higher black reproduction can be achieved. Integration with ARRI Camera Systems It comes with important features for cinema style applications such as camera link-up, camera information displays, camera image quality link-up, and preset log. On Set LUT and CDL Functions Users can select up to eight LUTs in each picture mode for improved convenience. Presets from CDL1 to CDL15, and a CDL details setting screen, have been added. Users can also change the name settings for CDL1 to CDL15. Color Reproduction Supports 4K Cinema & UHD 4K Broadcast Standards This display supports broadcast and cinema standards of ITU-R BT.2020 and ACES2065-1. It achieves high accuracy uniformity and enables smooth and accurate gradation characteristics for each RGB color. Image Enhancement Functions An array of image functions gives users the ability to control and modify the display's features and customize the overall look. It features a panel with a 3840 x 2160 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and can display signals compliant with the digital cinema and high-definition TV broadcast standards on a dot-by-dot basis in exhaustive detail. It makes its three expanded display modes available for 2K or Full HD video productions and can be used as a FHD/2K/4K display in a wide range of applications. The DP-V1710 is equipped with three types of screen scaling functions, including the Canon Shape Tracing technology that helps minimize artifacts on images scaled on the DP-V1710. Shooting Assistance Tools It supports two-sample interleave, 2/4 split screen display, zooming, peaking, fan shutdown, capture, false color, frame hold, area markers, and background color. Consistency in Color Image Quality In order to maintain consistent high-image quality, the DP-V1710 UHD 4K Reference Display utilizes built-in auto-correct functions that consistently monitor color, brightness, and other parameters. It comes with Canon's proprietary control system that corrects the fluctuations in luminance and helps ensure accurate, stable performance over time. In cases where color shifting or other problems have occurred due to the deterioration experienced over the years, accurate corrections can be made using the external sensor (CA-210/CA-310 from Konica Minolta) without having to use a PC. OSD Menus Tailored to Easy Use While carrying over the proven operability of the DP-V2410 UHD 4K Reference Display, Canon has reduced the size of the OSD menu displays to the size that is optimally suited for the operation range. The information is easy to read yet does not obstruct the onscreen images displayed. It features assignable function buttons and easy-to-use control area. Equipped with Interfaces for Remote Operation Serial/parallel remote terminals are provided for remote control. This enables tally confirmation, and the display can be remotely controlled from a linked third-party grading system. It comes with power On/Off, tally lamp (green/red/amber), and channel/picture mode control functions. It can be powered by a 12 VDC source that allows the display to be used in the field. Optimized for Mobile Broadcast, Location, & Studio Production Its aluminum frame design offers rigidity, strength, and minimal noise. The display can be installed with optional brackets for 7 RU rack-mounting installation. Various Interfaces & Multi-Formats Supported Equipped with 6G/3G/HD-SDI and HDMI standard, and supporting interfaces required for video production locations.

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