Canon 2.0XB4 2x Extender Lens for Canon ENG/EFP Lenses (B4 Mount)

sku: 1823A002
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by Canon
Canon started out as a company with a handful of employees and a burning passion to produce the finest optical equipment available. That company soon became a world-renowned camera maker and is now a global multimedia corporation. Their ongoing development of new and existing technologies has given Canon hi-ranking status as manufacturers of extremely fine broadcast cameras, lenses, and accessories. This Canon 2.0XB4 Extender Lens features a B4 mount. It is designed to work with the Canon J21, J20, J18, J16, J15, J14, J13, J9, J8, YJ18, YJ17 and YJ12 ENG/EFP Lenses. By offering a 100% increase in focal length this attachment gives you creative controls not found in your existing lens. Being able to shoot across longer distances and compressing perspective will add versatility, diversity and a professional signature to your finished product. 100% Increase in focal length, with a 2 stop light loss Designed to work with these Canon B4 mount ENG & EFP lenses; J21, J20, J18, J16, J15, J14, J13, J9, J8, YJ18, YJ17 and YJ12

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