Bright Tangerine Set of 5 Mattes for Viv 5" Matte Box

sku: B1210.1024
Available to order1-2 weeks delivery
by Bright Tangerine
This Set of 5 Mattes for Viv 5" Matte Box covers the lens focal length ranges of 18 to 20mm, 24 to 28mm, 32 to 40mm, 50 to 75mm, and 85 to 180mm. Each matte is used one at a time, and mounts on the front of your Viv 5: matte box. The matte is essentially a solid light blocking piece of ABS plastic with a window corresponding to the field of view of the wider lens in the range as it intersects with the leading edge of your matte box. This allows the matte to block almost all extraneous light from entering your matte box, preventing veiling and glare from wreaking havoc on your image. Low contrast markings on eqach matte allow you to see the focal length of the lens each matte is meant to be used with, yet minimize the appearance of the numbers reflecting on your subject. The talent side of the matte is coated with a UV textured ultra-matte finish to minimize reflections, while the camera side features a matte finish. Low contrast talent side markings to minimize reflections on your subject. Matte finish on the camera side of the matte to prevent internal reflections UV coated ultra-matte finish on the talent side of the matte minimizes reflections on the matte itself.

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