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Bright Tangerine Revolvr Marking Disc

SKU B2000.1010
Bright Tangerine's Revolvr Marking Disc fits on industry-standard focus handwheels and features a detent that can prevent the marking disc from spinning on its own. The surface of the disc is smooth, which allows it to work with dry- and wet-erase markers. It is made from Delrin for a favorable balance between durability and weight. The disc is interchangeable and can be used on industry-standard focus handwheels. The detent will prevent the disc from rotating on a handwheel with matching locating pin. This guarantees your marks remain accurate. You can pre-mark discs to match specific lenses for rapid lens changes and focus resets; additional discs must be purchased separately. Please note that marking discs are not cross compatible between the Revolvr and Revolvr Atom handwheels.