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Bright Tangerine Revolvr 15mm Studio Rod Bridge

SKU B2000.1005
From Bright Tangerine, the Revolvr 15mm Studio Rod Bridge is an adapter that allows you to mount your separately available Revolvr follow focus onto a set of optional 15mm rods. It features snap-on clamps, so you don't have to remove your matte box to slide it on the rods – just snap it on your studio rods instead. This bridge features a built-in safety mechanism designed to prevent the locking lever from accidentally being released, and it adapts your follow focus to compensate for the height difference between studio rods and the Revolvr's 15mm LWS rod clamps. It is made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel for strength and durability, while Teflon pads provide wear and tear protection. Adapts your Revolvr follow focus unit to work with the 15mm studio rod standard Easily attaches and removes from your Revolvr unit Safety mechanism helps prevent accidental release The adapter's rod clamps are the snap-on style, so you don't have to remove your rod-mounted matte box to mount or remove your follow focus