Bright Tangerine Marr 19mm Studio Lens Support

sku: B3010.1001
Available to order1-2 weeks delivery
by Bright Tangerine
The Marr 19mm Studio Support from Bright Tangerine snaps onto a pair of 19mm studio rods without needing to remove other rod-mounted accessories. Attach the support's 3/8"-16 bolt to a lens support foot to displace stress from the camera lens mount to the support. To accommodate a variety of lenses, the Marr Studio Support features 0.3" of horizontal adjustment, and 0.2" of vertical adjustment. The Marr Studio Support's anodized aluminum and steel design provides durable support along the horizontal and vertical planes. The support quickly locks into place using its single thumb lever. Each of two integrated 3/8"-16 mounting points feature an anti-twist design to prevent loosening of an attached accessory. Features Snap-on design enables mounting to 19mm studio rods without removing other rod-based camera accessories Adjusts 0.3" horizontally, and 0.2" vertically to accommodate a variety of lenses Durable anodized and stainless steel construction Two integrated 3/8"-16 accessory mounts feature an anti-twist design

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