Bright Tangerine French Flag Bracket with Mounting Threads for Viv and Viv 5"

sku: B1210.1008
Available to order1-2 weeks delivery
by Bright Tangerine
Machined from a solid piece of hard anodized billet aluminum, this Bright Tangerine French Flag Bracket is for the Bright Tangerine Viv and Viv 5" matte boxes. It features five 3/8"-16 accessory mounting threads. The threaded holes are drilled 12mm deep, and the bracket mounts to your matte box with two black stainless steel screws. Billet Aluminum Construction Billet aluminum is extremely dense and lacks internal voids that are found in cast aluminum. This allows the bracket to be able to withstand the stress and torque of supporting accessories that arc out over your matte box. You can attach french flags as well as LED lights, laser pointers, lens accessories, and additional french flag brackets.

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