Bright Tangerine 143mm Rubber Donut with 114mm Metal Threaded Ring

sku: B1250.1001
Available to order1-2 weeks delivery
by Bright Tangerine
This is a 143mm Rubber Donut from Bright Tangerine is compatible with Bright Tangerine Viv, Viv 5", Misfit, and Strummer DNA matte boxes. It fits into the 143mm opening on the back of your matte box and blocks light from sneaking past you lens with a 114mm front outer diameter and flaring filters. The front of the donut accepts 138mm diameter filters, allowing you to add a grad, polarizer, or other 138mm round filter you may have. Blocks light from behind the camera from reflecting off of any filters you are using and degrading your image. Incorporates a 138mm threaded filter holder and retaining ring allowing you to use a 138mm diameter filter. The donut fits inside Bright Tangerine matte boxes that feature a 143mm rear opening or clamp and works with lenses with a 114mm outer diameter.

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