BlackRapid Bert Breathe Extension Strap

sku: 362005
Available to order1-2 weeks delivery
by BlackRapid
Unveiled: BlackRapid Breathe Straps Provide Choice, Function, and Comfort Read More The Bert Breathe Extension Strap from BlackRapid can be used to create an additional 15" of length to the existing webbing on an extendable BlackRapid Breathe-series strap. It features a male side-release buckle on one end and a female side-release buckle at the other. Taller or larger-framed users who require more length in a BlackRapid Breathe-series strap whose webbing is closed using a side-release buckle mechanism can first separate the male and female ends of that side-release buckle. A Bert Breathe Extension Strap can then be snapped into the extendable BlackRapid Breathe-series strap using the extension strap's male and female side-releases. The Bert Breathe is constructed from durable nylon.

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