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Autocue/QTV 2x17" Manual Conference Stand Package

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The 2x17" Manual Conference Stand Package from Autocue offers a total solution for facilities looking to introduce conference teleprompters to their setup. In order to allow the positioning of one prompter on either side of a podium, and offer the speaker a continuously visible script as they scan the audience, this package includes two manual stands and two Professional Series 17" monitors, QPro software, and a travel case for storage and transportation.

The Manual Conference Stands are designed for corporate conferences or other events where a speaker is addressing an audience. From the audience's perspective, the high quality prompter glass is transparent, giving the impression that the presenter is speaking fluently and professionally without any assistance. From the presenter perspective, the glass displays a mirror image of the pre-prepared speech from the LCD monitor at the base of the stand. The height of the stand and the angle of the prompting glass have full manual adjustment in order to match the eye-line of the speaker. The Professional Series 17” monitors ensure the script is displayed clearly in any indoor setting.

QPro Prompting Software

  • Runorder management with multiple scripts and ability to display rundown and prompter output simultaneously on screen
  • Able to easily import QPro, MS Word, .txt, and .rtf files.
  • Supports all unicode languages
  • Multiple font types, sizes, and colors
  • Includes a ShuttleXpress (USB) or 2-button (serial) hand control, with many other hand control options available

ShuttleXpress Hand Control

  • USB connection
  • Ergonomic, desk-based
  • Optical pot
  • Five programmable buttons
  • One jog wheel
  • One scroll wheel