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Amimon ProSight HD FPV Drone Camera

by Amimon

The ProSight HD FPV Drone Camera from Amimon is powered by the ProSight HD Transmitter (not included) and designed to work exclusively with that transmitter and the ProSight HD Receiver (not included). Together they work to stream FPV video from your drone in 720p/60 quality. The camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor flying, even in low light and high contrast lighting conditions. A built-in pre-focused 1.4mm HD lens provides a 126 degree field of vision. The ProSight HX Camera is designed to wirelessly connect to the (optional) transmitter via an MIPI serial interface, which is meant to deliver no additional processing delay between the camera and transmitter.
Built-In IR Filter
The ProSight HX camera features a built-in IR filter, which has the ability to block infrared light from hitting the camera lens. Infrared rays have the potential of spoiling your footage by causing red/brown coloring to appear in your photos and video.
Single HD Operational Mode
The ProSight HX Camera supports a three levels of night modes, three levels of saturation, 4 color modes (preset 1, preset 2, Sepia, & black and white) a built-in anti-flickering mode, and the following HD video operational mode:
HX Camera: 720p/30, approximately 1 ms of latency, and an Rx output resolution of 720p60.
Additional Features
Rolling Shutter
Vibration Dampening Porch-Like Element
Vibration Dampening Camera Protective Case
Compatible with other S-Mount lenses