AJA R10CE DA and D to A Converter - 1x4 SDI Distribution Amplifier and 10-Bit SDI to Component, YC and Composite Converter - NTSC/PAL

sku: R10CE
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by AJA

The R10CE is a 10-Bit Digital to Analog converter offering multiple SDI outputs for Distribution Amplifier capabilities. It will convert SDI digital video to a variety of analog formats.
This rack frame unit offers four SDI outputs allowing it to operate as a 1x4 distribution amplifier.
D to A Conversion
The SDI input converts to output component, Y/C or composite analog video.
Jitter Filter
A PLL Jitter Filter reduces the effects of SDI jitter on the analog conversion.
Test Pattern
A built in test pattern offers set up signals for the user.
10 Bit Conversion
A 10 Bit conversion is the step up feature from the R5CE; therefore offering higher quality signal processing.
The analog outputs can be configured to NTSC or PAL television standards.
Rack Frame
This device fits in an optional rack frame that offers the required rack mounting and power.

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