AJA KONA IP JPEG 2000 License Key for HD/2K (DCI) (Download)

sku: JPEG 2000 LICENSE
Available to order1-2 weeks delivery
by AJA
Use the KONA IP JPEG 2000 License Key from AJA to ensure interoperability with JPEG 2000 systems, and to add HD or 2K (DCI) video compression/decompression to your existing KONA IP video capture card. JPEG 2000 compatibility is offered in real-time, within an MPEG 2 transport stream. Both input and output of JPEG 2000 streams are supported over 1GbE, enabling simultaneous ingesting and monitoring via a system running KONA IP. When used in conjunction with KONA Desktop Software v13, the JPEG 2000 License also provides compatibility with popular creative and editing applications. Dual KONA IP configurations are supported for more robust JPEG 2000 workflows, and the license is compatible with VSF (Video Services Forum) TR-01 standards. Note: Requires existing KONA IP card (not included) Features Ensures inter-operability with JPEG 2000 systems and devices across an IP network Facilitates compression and decompression of HD/2K video in real time to/from JPEG 2000, encoded within an MPEG 2 transport stream Provides compatibility with popular creative and editorial applications via KONA Desktop Software v13 Supports dual KONA IP configurations in more robust JPEG 2000 workflows

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