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Due to global component shortage, delivery times are longer than expected.
Due to global component shortage, delivery times are longer than expected.

1A Tools Alpha Link S.BUS

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The Alpha Link S.Bus and S.Bus XR are the first and only all-digital, purpose-built wireless system designed specifically to transmit wheel data to gimbals. They pair perfectly with the Alpha Wheels and Ronin, Gravity, and MōVI Gimbals.

All Digital = Better Performance
Faster response, repeatable moves, no drifting. The Alpha Link S.Bus is an end-to-end all digital system. This means that the absolute position data is communicated directly from the wheels to your gimbal. With other wheels that use off-the-shelf RC transmitters, wheel data is converted to analog and averaged before being sent to the gimbal. This results in drifting and a sluggish response. With the Alpha Link S.Bus you get the best performance, with the simplest setup.

Never Adjust Trim
You no longer have to adjust trim. Without any analog link in the wireless chain, trim issues are eliminated entirely.

Simple Setup
The Alpha Link S.Bus requires a simple short setup process once and is saved to your Alpha Wheels memory.

Dedicated Speed Knobs
Quickly and easily adjust the pan tilt speed/direction using the dedicated knobs on the Alpha Link S.Bus.

Intelligent Wireless System
The Alpha Link S.Bus uses cross-industry proven wireless modules. The transmitters use powerful FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology that automatically jumps across wireless bands every 13ms to reduce interference. Each time data is sent, it is checked for errors and resent if necessary on a different band. All invisibly to ensure your wheels and gimbal work in perfect harmony.

1x Alpha Link S.Bus Transmitter
1x Alpha Link S.Bus Receiver