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RED has stock of KOMODO and V-RAPTOR, ready to ship!
RED has stock of KOMODO and V-RAPTOR, ready to ship!


Film Gear is looking to on-board a team of awesome individuals who agree with our mission statement of trying to bridge the gap between Hollywood and South Africa.  With the success of films like Mad Max and Homeland paired with the potential of shows like Of Kings and Prophets and The Dark Tower, South Africa has made its mark on the international film community.  With incredible rental facilities around the country providing tremendous and easy opportunities to rent equipment to the various productions, there are not the same resources available to affordably and easily purchase your own equipment in the country.  

If you enjoy riding the waves of new technology paired with creativity and want to do your part to help the South African film community, we need to talk.

Open positions include:

  • Marketing Maniac Internship
    • Strong passion for social media
    • Unimaginable love for awesome events
    • Natural appreciation for beautiful designs
    • Enthusiastic dedication for new technology 
  • Sales Superhero Internship
    • Ample knowledge of film equipment
    • Massive toolbox of communication skills
    • Blazing love for hustling and making deals
    • Fiery passion for meeting new people

Want to apply? Click on a job title and write us your most creative email you've ever written.  Maybe attach a funny, yet practical photo or video.  Convince us.