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Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Film Gear South Africa is a result of the frustration, vision, and passion of Rob Weidner and Rusty Ruthven.  

Rob Weidner


Rusty Ruthven


Both Rob and Rusty work in the professional film industry in South Africa.  Rob is a camera operator and focus puller originally from Chicago, Illinois, USA.  After already working in the film industry in the USA, Rob moved to Cape Town for all of the reasons one would want to move to such a beautiful city.  Rob was confused with the lack of availability to purchase professional film equipment in South Africa.  After starting & running multiple businesses in the USA and with an educational background in human & computer interaction, Rob was ready to tackle this problem.

Rusty is a digital intermediary technician and camera operator from Knysna, South Africa.  Rusty studied at the African Film and Design Academy and quickly embraced the digital cinema takeover, mastering the complicated workflow with hands-on experience.  After starting one successful company, Monstrum Workstations, Rusty was determined to find a solution to stay with the rapidly changing digital cinema technology.

Armed with the frustration of compliancy, Rob and Rusty set out to start Film Gear South Africa.

With more and more international productions coming to South Africa, working at an international Hollywood standard is essential.  Film Gear South Africa was created for the sole purpose of providing South Africa with a local way to purchase professional-grade film and video equipment.  Although we function as an e-commerce only store, you can think of us like a B&H Photo Video or FilmTools for South Africa. We are determined to make your shopping experience as personal as possible, without the benefit of a brick-and-mortar shop.  Reach out to us if you have any questions about how the store works and please let us know of brands you would like us to get into the country!

- Rob & Rusty

Bridging the gap between Hollywood and South Africa

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